Walk                           :  The Kentmere Round from Kentmere – Yoke (2,309ft), Ill Bell (2,476ft), Froswick (2,359ft),

                                        Mardale Ill Bell (2,496ft), Harter Fell (2,539ft), Kentmere Pike (2,397ft), Shipman Knotts (1,926ft)

Date                           :  16th April 2012

Weather                    :  Fair, variable cloud and dry


Distance                   : 12.5 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 90 mins to first summit (Yoke)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




A challenging round of 7 Wainwright Fells with some steep ups and downs. Good paths throughout it is described as a moderate to hard circuit



The walk starts just near the church in the tiny hamlet of Kentmere. Car parking space is at a premium however a nearby farm offers one of its fields to use

for a £3 charge in a honesty bucket. Just near the church take the long stony track up to the Garburn Pass



The path continues through a handgate as it climbs more steeply towards the pass



Part of the track has been fortified by the “Fix the Fells” team



At the top of the pass and through the gate and the terrain changes from stone to boggy grass



The views start to open up now



From the gate take a right turn and cross the boggy ground and aim for the sloping stone wall seen here



When possible make your way right to run parallel with the wall for easier ground



The path leads to a wall stile that gives access to the summit approach to Yoke



Looking back towards Windermere



Over the wall style and the summit of Yoke comes into view



From this point now you get  abetter appreciation of the extent of the walk. Here the summits of Ill Bell and Froswick



Looking left towards the Helvellyn range



From the top of Yoke, the steep descent and equally steep climb up to the top of Ill Bell



The distinctive summit of Ill bell



Looking down to Kentmere Reservoir



At the head of the valley – High Street



The Nan Bield pass leading up to Harter Fell



The steep trek up to Froswick



At this point I have just dropped down from Froswick and looking back to the descent path which gives an idea of the severity of the drop



At the head of the valley towards Mardale Ill Bell looking back to Kentmere Reservoir



Looking back at the three peaks completed to now



Here a shot of Small Water sitting approx 700 feet above Haweswater from Mardale Ill Bell



Looking at the southern end of Haweswater Reservoir. From here follow the path right around to climb to the summit of Harter Fell



The summit of Harter Fell



Now take a 90 degree turn and head in the opposite direction of the horseshoe towards Kentmere Pike



From Kentmere Pike is the final descent back to the valley floor via Shipman Knotts


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